Episode 0015 - Raspberries On Chatroulette

With Airtime and Facetime in the news, many talk about webcams. What to use, how and why? And a bit about Raspberry PI.

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Show notes

The Logitech C920 HD is a really nice piece of kit. It is the natural progression from it's predecessor the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, with many small improvments. A professional product, that I really, really would like to buy. But haven't yet. :-\

Famous Adobe-evangelist Terry White wrote really enthusiastic about the C920 when it came. He loved the C910, but have now switched.

There are more oportunities for face-to-face interaction today, with Airtime being launched and FaceTime being avilable on cellular. We prefer Google+ Hangouts, but we feel that this really is something with few people interested. Why would you want to see the one you talk to? We have some idéas...

Henrik is eagerly waiting for his Raspberry PI, and we come up with some uses for it. More will follow, when it arrives.

Let us wrap this up!

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Theme music today (though clearly being blues, not jazz), by Big Bill Broonzy.
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