Episode 0028 - Another Musical Interlude

Just like your thoughts, the best music is free. Listen to a really broad selection of songs that you are free to download and share with your friends. Everyone should find at least one or two tracks they like!

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"Believe me, I spent many years making music and not sharing it with anyone, and that didn't get me anywhere."
-- Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton feeling fantastic with his friends Paul and Storm
"Jonathan Coulton" Original (CC BY 2.0) by Alex Erde.

Quite a few episodes ago you could listen to E0016 - A Musical Interlude. It was a bit of a strange show, where Kenneth was on his own and played music. Everything was freely licensed so you could download what you liked and share it with your friends.

In that episode Kenneth spoke of how the Creative Commons license work and also a bit about the different artist he featured. This grew to become a popular episode and he was asked to repeat the oddness of playing music in a technology podcast.

In this "Another Musical Interlude" we can hear even less talk, and more music. These aren't the best songs ever, and they are not very similar. The goal is to showcase the high class and wide spectrum of freely licensed music that are available.

If you heard anything you liked, just follow the link below and download it freely. And perhaps check out the other works of that artist. Go! Enjoy! Share!

Music in todays show
Let us wrap this up!

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Theme music today by Friends.
Music is released under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

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