Episode 0023 - Con Of The Year

During a year there is a few conference visits, and we take a trip down memory lane and review the latest ones. Retrospelsmässan, DrupalCamp, Bokmässan, and FSCONS. A mention of the Swedish Podcast Awards, as well as two cool things!

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"It was really interesting! I didn't understand a thing!" -- Henrik
One Cool Thing
Image of a lecture during FSCONS 2013
"Karen Sandler during her lecture 'Proactivism"'at the FSCONS 2013 in Göteborg." Original (CC BY-SA 3.0) by Albin Olsson.

This time, Kenneth and Henrik take some time to sum up the conference year of 2013, or at least the important ones you should attend next year! First out is Retrospelsmässan (Retro Game Fair), held the 11th of May in Gothenburg. With arcades, a demo area with old PCs and game consoles, a retro game flea market, speedruns, game and cosplay contests, art exhibitions and a lot more game related stuff this fair was crammed to the limit with nostalgia to please both young and old. Henrik made it out with his first portable console ever, a used GameBoy Advance, together with a few classic games. Kenneth got a plushie Mario mushroom and a NES controller, and was equally pleased with the visit.

Next up was DrupalCamp GBG on the 25th of May, a conference focusing on the content management system (CMS) Drupal. Among the sessions were companies sharing their experience working on client projects with Drupal, how and why we should try to make the web more accessible for impaired, how Drupal can be used as a tool for your organisation and what CMS we actually should choose (even Wordpress and Joomla were mentioned!). Kenneth also held a session about server shell, and why designers shouldn't be afraid to use it.

Most recently the boys went to visit FSCONS (Free Society Conference & Nordic Summit) on the 8th to 10th of November. which is focusing on the free and open source aspects of culture, society and technology. Henrik missed the only session he was interested in, but quickly found that a lot of the other sessions weren't that bad. As he said after a session on "how to design and develop linguistics as open source code": "It was really interesting! I didn't understand a thing!"

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