Episode 0022 - With A Licence To Watch

In Sweden you now have to pay if you own a tablet or computer; for a licence to watch TV. Does this make sense? Speaking of tablets, Henrik has turned his Nexus 7 in to an alarm clock. And the occurrence a completely new segment!

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"I will try to make it as entertaing as possible" -- Robin
One Cool Thing
Image of a lecture during FSCONS 2013
"Old broken TV" Original (CC BY 2.0) by schmilblick.

... [Henrik]


Mikael sent feedback for episode 0012, telling us about the art of killing time between talks at a convention. ... [Henrik]

Tor gives some feedback regarding episode 0018, and tells us how he configures his Windows 8 desktop, and mentions the tool from Stardock, Start8.

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Let us wrap this up!

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