Episode 0021 - Reader Soon Ungoogleable

So Google wants to dictate how Swedes use their language, as well as how we aggregate RSS-feeds. The death of Google Reader and the objection to the word "Ogooglebar" puts our great search overlords in the news once again.

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"Language development does not care about brand protection." -- Ann Cederberg

So, apparently we have a new word in Sweden. "Ogooglebar", which translates to "ungoogleable", was added to a "new word list" by the Swedish Language Council. This list reflects new and frequently used words in the Swedish language during a period of time, in this case 2012. "Ogooglebar" was described as "something which is not findable on the web using a search engine". A bit too vague and trademark infringing thought Google and powered up their legal cannons. Neither Robin, Henrik or Kenneth had heard or used the word before this story hit the news, but all agree that Google might just have made the word more popular than it ever would have been.

Another topic discussed is the news that Google decided to close down their RSS reader, Google Reader. Henrik, being the only one who used the service, give his view on why Google Reader matters and what alternatives we have. Other examples of changes Google have made are mentioned, Wave and Apps for instance, and what might be the reasons behind this big change. As Kenneth says, Google are known for throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, and aren't afraid to rethink decisions.

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