Episode 0013 - The Audacious Quality Drop

Feedback, a few browser extensions and Henrik talk about Cap & Design Live. Unfortunately we had an accident with the recording, so the sound quality will not be as crisp as it usually is. Hopefully you will find it entertaining any way.

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Show notes
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Access Google, FASS, IMDb, Wikipedia, Tyda, YouTube, Memory Alpha and what ever search you desire, straight from your address bar. In E0010 Henrik promised to try it out, and now he has!
The Firefox extension Autocopy was recomended to us by our faithful listener Thor. It mimics the copy/paste behaviour in Unix-based systems, so you only have to highlight text in your browser to copy it. Try it out!
Cap & Design Live
Henrik gives us a report from the event! We also talk about comercials and how advertising work.
Let us wrap this up!

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Theme music today by Kevin MacLeod.
Music is CC BY-SA 3.0

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