Episode 0001 - The Last Mission

Today we go on the Last Mission, the mission to have the last word. Topics are, backup and LastPass. A lot of common sense and things _EVERY_ computer user should know. Security for your files and your passwords.

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A tale from one who knows how important backups are.

Password security and the LastPass 'breach'

"We realize this may be an overreaction and we apologize for the disruption this will cause, but we'd rather be paranoid and slightly inconvenience you than to be even more sorry later." "We're asking if you're not being asked to change your password then hold off -- we're protecting everyone."
LastPass Blog

Steve Gibson (Security expert) said: "I am every bit as happy and confident about my recommendation of LastPass today as I was yesterday. They are maturing their already secure system, making it more and more bulletproof and safer for us to use and trust."
Regarding LastPass's cautionary approach...

If you want to know more about LastPass and Yubikey, have a listen to Security Now! with Steve Gibson, episode 143 and episode 256 for an in depth analysis.

Let us wrap this up!

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